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Kamenashi dating

I haven’t had an idol for quite a while, or haven’t seen any actors that is worthy of my praise.Joo Won is an extraordinary actor who I can really say that he is indeed an “actor”.I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does.In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.They can act but in my opinion their acting is just average and their looks spike their average acting up to a B, which would attract me to watch the drama once and move on.It’s the talent and skills of a person that really stays.Well i cant help but be captivated by has his own charms. He has his character on the tips of his fingers,depicting his character in the dramas very well..humble and simple! He's role in Yong Pal makes him more dashing and ore attractive. I truly thank you for the light that shines through you even in midst of the characters you play. :) Joo woon hyung..u are in #1 rank korean actor for me..i've been watching you since Bridal mask as the matter of fact that was the first korean drama i have watched form beginning till the end cause i am more to variety show before.your acting took my interest to watch korean drama. Watched his drama Good Doctor and it was amazing so I also watched Bridal Mask, which was even better!

One thing that distinguishes Joowon from other actors/ actress of the same generation is that: He constantly challenges himself and does his best to produce works with quality.I started with “Good Doctor” and the way that he portrays an autistic savant was phenomenal.I cried through the whole movie and repeated many of my favorite scenes.Although I'm sure Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk have a greater popularity in Asia, Moon Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook are my two favorite Korean actors under age 30 right now. XD I wish I couid see you in my real life :) I'm from Bangladesh & I wish I could see you :'( & your acting is so realistic !! All the very best for your upcoming future :) With lots of Love I just knew you only this year..my friend recommended me to watch Good Doctor.These two men are so talented and have so much potential; I look forward to more of their work. Wow..a great acting in Good Doctor..natural and believable. Love u in Cantabile Tomorrow...really great acting.. I'm currently watching HOTEL KING, but my mind is wondering why they didn't cast JOOWON to play the male lead actor, it should've been much better if he do so, just can't sense any deep emotions from it, not just like Joo Won had done with all of his dramas, you'll always follows what he's doing in each scenes that's he doing- when he laughs you will laugh, when he's mad you'll also gets upset, and when he cries you'll cry as much as he does...you'll feel the pain, anger, and happiness..that's what an actor needs to make to the viewers in able to make himself a goof actor. :) Joo Won is one of the actors who deserves my respect.

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