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born November 21, 1785, Lebanon, Conn., United States died April 25, 1853, St. He is remembered for his gothic novel Vathek (1786), about an impious voluptuary who builds a tower so high that he challenges Muhammad in heaven and so brings about his own fall to the kingdom of the prince of darkness; though unevenly written, the story is full of invention and bizarre detail.

Beckford and his family were forced to leave England for 10 years by a scandal involving a youth.

Basie's reorganized band of the 1950s placed greater emphasis on ensemble work and developed a more powerful style built from the riffs and buoyant rhythm of the earlier group. In 1900, while studying inheritance of traits, he was drawn to the research of Gregor Mendel, which explained perfectly the results of his own plant experiments.

The band achieved renewed popularity for recordings featuring vocalist Joe Williams. He was the first to translate Mendel's major work into English.

He was elected as a Democrat to the United States House of Representatives (1913–27) and the Senate (1927–49), where he served as majority leader (1937–47). J., United States died April 26, 1984, Hollywood, Fla. Basie was influenced by the Harlem pianists James P. In Kansas City in 1936 he formed his own band, which became known as the most refined exponent of swing.

He was a prominent spokesman for the domestic and international policies of Pres. Its rhythm section was noted for its lightness, precision and relaxation; on this foundation, the brass and reed sections developed a vocabulary of riffs and motifs.

Aberhart was a high school principal in Calgary, Alta. An active lay preacher, he founded the Calgary Prophetic Bible Institute (1918).

In 1932 he used his evangelical rhetoric to promote monetary-reform theories to solve the economic problems created in Alberta by the Great Depression, proposing to issue dividends (social credit) to each person, based on the real wealth of the province. 26, 1921, New York, New York, United States died October 30, 2000, Los Angeles, Calif. He appeared as a comedian on radio in the 1940s before moving to late-night television, where he created and hosted The Tonight Show (1953–57) and The Steve Allen Show (1957–60).

His recommendation of gum-saline injections for wound shock saved many lives in World War I. He also reported on the effects of different foods on the stomach and established alcohol as a cause of gastritis. died May 2, 1844, Bath, Somerset; English dilettante, novelist and eccentric.

On his return he built Fonthill Abbey, the most sensational building of the English Gothic Revival, whose own 270-ft (82-m) tower collapsed several times. , Amherst county, Va., United States died April 30, 1865, Texas; United States trader.

After settling in Missouri, he became involved in trade with the Southwest.

With Andrew Henry (1771–1833), he organized the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. born April 9, 1739, Kingsessing, Pa., United States died July 22, 1823, Kingsessing; United States naturalist, botanist and artist.

in 1822 and established a trading post at the mouth of the Yellowstone River. the son of John Bartram, he described the abundant river swamps of the southeastern United States in their primeval condition in his Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida (1791).

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With Reginald Crundall Punnett, he published the results of a series of breeding experiments that not only extended Mendel's principles to animals but also showed that, contrary to Mendel, certain features were consistently inherited together, a phenomenon that came to be termed linkage.