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One of the sought-after carburation systems for the early Chevy is the famous “348" tri-power.Deciding to build a 1958-1961 tri-power car is easy; finding and collecting the parts is another story.

The two main differences are in the air cleaners and the fuel inlets at the carbs.

Now the restoration company I bought the casr from had to suppy 3 new carbs and not having the vacuum secondary parts he used an aftermarket mechanical linkage to operate the end carbs.

I do not like it because you have to puch very hard on the accelerator pedal to open the secondary carbs.

Thanks Stan Stone 12/30/2016 i loved my 59 impala with 348 tri power. shifting many saturdays bubble machines and vacuum gauge.intake gaskets never stopped leaking too.large intake valves 1/4 cams nothing helped.

than dodge 340 six pack in duster and you needed a big tire budget. it was sluggish if you got engine to run trans was slow. Penis enlarger pills Alpha Man Pro: : [b] Free Trial Alpha Man Pro [/b] [url= Green Bay penis enlargement methods [/url] [b] Free Trial Alpha Man Pro [/b] [b] premature ejaculation St.


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