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You lock up your i Phone while it charges, but you can leave it there. A yoga teacher wants personal growth and peace and serenity and the yoga teacher wants to bring that to other people. (The photos on this post don’t do justice to Stoddard’s portfolio. A yoga studio that helps you have peace of mind is not one of those things. I think it’s terrible advice, but it only works if you also do what other people value.Go to My Modern Metropolis to see more.) His ability to balance remarkable and relatable in the context of serenity and loneliness actually meets the same goals that the yoga teacher has, but he does it in a way that is fresh and new and (in a moment of grand social justice) he can make money doing it, by selling the prints. My point is that we know what a good idea looks like. Better advice is focus on what you can do that is special. A stupid idea is one that does not create value for people around you. It’s the belief that we are here to help each other with our ideas. A yoga studio is generally a wish that your own passion is a gift to other people. So look for someone to respond immediately with a look of a light bulb going off in their head.If you do that, it’s highly likely that you’re going to paint yourself into a place where you’ll never be able to get the challenging work you want. unchallenging work now / staying at jobs you’d prefer to leave so that you have a chance at challenging work later b.unchallenging work probably forever I think A is the better option, but you’re the one who will have to make that call.Can you give any advice to how I may proceed in finding work? And it’s not about being stymied by online applications either, because other people are getting hired with those just fine.It’s pretty unlikely you’re going to get a job that you find challenging with this work history or this approach. What this about is how you’ve handled yourself in the work world so far.I am unable for re-hire through two of these staffing companies.Basically, if I am not presented with a daily challenge (a challenge which I believe is challenging), I get bored very, very, very, easily! I prefer highly challenging positions in which I work alone or with one to two other people.

If you need to earn a lot of money, you will need to do something that most people can’t do (write high-level code) or don’t want to do (give up their personal life to run a big company).

I have gone to classes in Madison, WI, Chicago and LA. Of course every yoga studio brings peace, harmony, and blah blah blah. To a non-pro, most classes are similar, but either hard or easy. If you just tell people the list of poses you’ll do, you aren’t special at all. Of course teaching 100 people over a weekend is more profitable than 50 over the course of a week. But you have to have your own studio to get invited to workshops. You can’t sell yoga to people—the customers already know they should do it. When you have a steady paycheck, you can focus on helping people instead of drumming up business.

And I’ve noticed that people who open yoga studios are probably going to fail. That doesn’t make the studio special enough to compete with the 10,000 other yoga studios around them. This means the differentiator is how the teacher talks during the poses. Yoga classes are like blogs: the information is a commodity and the personality is the differentiator. So the studio is marketing for the workshops and the workshop is marketing of your brand so you get big enough and don’t need to teach studio hours. You need to sell them something else, something only you have: the community you create with the studio, a special type of practice, or maybe exorbitantly priced clothes in the waiting area (which is almost like selling blue jeans to miners during the gold rush). If you want to do yoga, take a class, don’t run a class. If you work for someone then they can worry about sales and marketing and you can worry about direct action.

The second longest is a year and a month, 2012-2013 for a security company. I blame my personality type, INTJ, and quit most positions without having another job lined up, so I have a lot of gaps in my employment history as well.

I have been through four or more staffing agencies, but cannot hold a job long enough to get on through the companies in which they had me work.

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Interesting, challenging jobs have lots of people applying for them, and employers will rarely hire someone with a spotty work history when they have loads of qualified candidates without a history of job-hopping.