Email etiquette response time dating

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Email etiquette response time dating

The bad news from analyses of millions of emails is that people do expect swifter responses.

The good news, however, is that this realization is liberating.Half of responders in this study responded in just under an hour.About 90% of people who were going to respond did so within a day or two.When it comes to email response times, “The expectation has gotten worse because of this availability at your fingertips,” says Aye Moah, chief of product and cofounder of Boomerang, which makes email productivity software.When people can respond immediately, it raises the question of exactly how long it’s okay to wait to respond to an email.

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If the 50th percentile on email response time is around two hours, you can still be within the realm of normality in the 50th-90th percentile (somewhere between two hours to two days).